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Brittany Cuoco


My dogs developed food allergies as a result of eating commercial brand dog food. I started feeding her Good Goods Dog Food and within 3 months I started noticing that the symptoms of the allergies were reduced.  I like that the food is cooked to order and all-natural.

Avery Woodard


I received a consultation from Joyce @ Good Goods For Dogs when I was told that my dog Stewy needed to lose at least 5 lbs prior to having TPLO surgery.  He gained weight because of his injury.  He ended up losing 10 lbs before his surgery.  The vet was super pleased and stewy was able to move a lot easier on his joints.  We always bought what we thought were great brands of dog food,  but eliminating the kibble and having custom meals, and knowing his proportion size has made him a healthier animal.

Tadeusz Lakota


I love that the food is homemade, with all-natural ingredients, and made to order.  It's puzzling to read the back of a dog food label and not know what an ingredient is, let alone pronounce it!  or know what the long-term side effects are or if it's just scrap or junk filler. Good Goods For Dogs have simple ingredients that I can understand and can make myself.

Matt Reiter


I love eating the food for myself!

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