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Joyce & Faith


Hi, I'm Joyce & this is my dog Faith.  I am the founder of Good Goods For Dogs and Faith is my taste tester. For without her this company has no premise.


Taste Tester Board President & Ceo

Faith is a 7yr old American Cocker Spaniel who enjoys fine cuisine, wearing beautiful bandanas, going for nature walks, socializing with friends, hunting for Squirrels,  bunny rabbits, and other fine critters. Faith is a food allergy survivor, whose condition was the motivation for the start of this company..


Creative Director, Chef, DIY Personality, Sales Person, Customer Service Rep.,  Shipping and Handling, Accountant, Payroll.....You name it I'm her!

I've been a nutritional coach of people for 12yrs, and as mentioned above, Faith's food allergies have prompted me to do much research into what we are feeding our dogs and what we should be feeding our dogs.  Like our food, there are a lot of things comprised of dog foods that may cause illness,  disease, and less than optimal health.  I love my dog and I want her to live the best life possible and that starts with nutrition ( as it does for you and me).  Their lives are so short when you really think about it, and most of them suffer in their senior years due to poor diets ( which is the root of every ailment) and for the most, don't get to live out the span of their lives.  I've found myself sharing a plethora of information with other dog parents that I've come in contact with and wished that all loving dog parents knew what I knew across the board, so I started this company!


Taste Tester  Board Member 

Chaos is a 15 year old German Sheppard. She has been with the company since day one and is one of our master taste testers. Her favorite Good Goods For Dogs treat is everything! Her favorite Good Goods For Dogs meal is everything! There's not one thing that Chaos has turned her nose up at, it's all good. Chaos loves being at one with nature. She loves going for walks, hiking, camping, swimming, and playing fetch.  We can always count on chaos to verify the worthiness of our meals and treats. 


Taste Tester Board Member

Yogi is a another senior member of our team. Yogi's favorite Good Goods For Dogs treat meal are the Tiny Turkey Burgers. Yogi is a little more selective, but pretty much likes everything! Yogi is a social butterfly and quite the lady's man. He loves socializing with neighboring fury friends and hearing how cute he is. His favorite thing to do is taking naps and recieving belly rubs.


Taste Tester Board Member

Meet Raven. He's been with the company since we've started. He's a very hard dog to please! If Raven will eat it, you better believe it's dammed good 👍🏼 😋  Raven loves meeting new friends  socializing old friends, and looking dapper.


Taster Tester Board Member 

Meet Carly, She has been with the company since day one. She loves shopping for nice sweaters,  toys, new collars, fancy harnesses and receiving gifts. Carly is my go to! I absolutely trust her opinion when it comes down to testing out the foods and treats. Carly likes mostly everything, but she's not Afaid to tell you when she doesn't!


Taste Tester Board Member

Meet Dobbie, she is one of our original taste testing board members.  Dobbie is very sophisticated and poised; you have to be invited in order to be  in her pack, however she absolutely loves and welcomes the kids. Dobbie keeps up her petite figure by taking long walks, playing fetch and taking long naps.  Dobbie is very selective when it comes down to her meals and treats, that's why we love having her as a taste tester board member. She loves almost all of Good Goods For Dogs meals and treats, but if I had to guess it, I'd say her favorites are the homemade Jerkys and the holiday meals. 


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